Pizza Casserole

3 Ultimate Quarantine-Cooking Casseroles

Chicken & Rice Casserole King Ranch Chicken Casserole Macaroni Pie Casserole Open-Kitchen Conundrum During this quarantine, my kitchen has taken on an always ‘open for business’ status.  Someone is constantly wanting to eat or eating.  And, someone else is continually cooking or cleaning up (me).  Casseroles are one easy way to streamline cooking, eating and …

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5 Insanely Easy Marinades For Outrageously Delicious Dinners

Sesame Soy Cilantro Garlic Red Wine Vinegar & Olives Citrus Ginger Lemon Thyme Increase Flavor Marinating increases the flavor intensity of your choice of meat, vegetable or meatless alternative.  Marinades are customizable. Love garlic? Then, by all means, please add another clove or two. You can add, subtract ingredients and taste to as you go. …

5 Insanely Easy Marinades For Outrageously Delicious Dinners Read More »

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