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How to Use Tasteland

1. Discover from your network

a. The main home page is where you’ll see thumbnails of all posts from your network in real time. So you might discover a new recipe you never knew you were looking for, or restaurant or news item.

2. Discover from outside your network

a. The home page of the search includes all posts from all public accounts, so you might discover new foodie friends as well as new ideas for restaurants, recipes & news!

b. You can click on any user name when they comment or like a post in your network, so you can discover new foodie friends to connect with or follow that way too.

3. Follow the founders! @serena-founder and @kerstin-cofounder

  1. Click on the big red circle at the bottom of any page in the app. The one with “+”
  2. Select your category: restaurants, recipes, food news.

Yes. We designed it this way so that each tip you share is easily findable later by topic, whether in a search or in a discovery mode by topic. So if you’re just interested in checking out the news of the day, you can just go to that feed.

Yes! Just like you’re used to, if you write #yum or #chicken you’ll be able to find those posts that use the same hashtag. Other users will see existing related hashtags as they type too so they can add to it. 

  • When we see hashtags for tags that don’t yet exist, we’ll create em! Don’t worry, chicken is a tag in the Ingredients for Recipes. We got you.

Creating Restaurant Posts

1. You must tag the restaurant. The first field is a place for you to search for and tag the restaurant you’re posting about. It’s just like a Google search (because it’s linked to Google), so if your restaurant doesn’t appear quickly, just add a comma and the city, it should help. 

a. You can’t share your post until this step is completed. This gives you and your friends all the Google Places info about that restaurant once shared, and links every users’ posts about that restaurant so that you can see them all in one spot.

2. Use Tasteland’s tags! These are in the blue box “+Add tags”, so that you and your friends can find the post again the next time you’re looking for a similar meal experience or cuisine.

3. Use hashtags in what you write in your post – they work really well in search!  And when we notice new hashtags people are using, we’ll update the tag buttons too so they’re available to everyone.

Creating Recipe Posts

You can share links to the original recipe from websites & Instagram! Or write your own.

  1. From a website: Just use your iPhone’s share button and select Tasteland from the options to share to. If Tasteland isn’t listed yet, just click “more” at the end and add it!
  2. From Instagram: Use the ‘share to…” feature from the 3 dots at the top right of every post. It will share any public post using the main picture and a link back to the Instagram account. Please always try to give the author credit on our app by using #. For example you can find posts from #GrubStreet in our app that way.
  3. Or share your own recipes. We’re working on a way to upload text from photos from cookbooks, but until then – just write it out. You have no limit on the amount of text in the post. 

To include in every post:

  1. A title. These are limited to 35 characters in the feed.
  2. Use Tasteland’s tags! These are in the blue box “+Add tags”, so that you and your friends can find the post again the next time you’re looking for a similar meal to make by ingredients, cuisine or occasion.
  3. Use any pics you want! And as many as you want. You can use outside apps that let you write on your photos to share your recipes in step by step photos too [see ‘Farinata’ post for example]. Up to you. Just have fun.

In your new post, click on the ‘upload image(s)’ box which will ask you to choose a location to find your photos.  

  1. Take Photo. You can take photos right from the app, just be sure to allow access to your camera.
  2. Photo Library. This accesses the photos stored on your phone.
  3. Add as many photos as you like. If you care about the order, be sure to click the arrow on the right side of each photo as you upload, one by one. The arrow brings you to a new ‘Upload image(s)” blank screen.

a. While you are able to select multiple photos at once from your library, they will not post in any sequential order right now. That will come!

1. There is an ‘x’ in the upper right corner of each photo. This is available as you create each post and also whenever you choose to ‘edit’ a post. 

a. You can edit one of your own posts by clicking the 3 dots at the top right corner of it in the feed. This will not change its position in the feed once you share again after editing.

2. Click ‘x’ to delete photo

1. Look for three vertical dots on the upper right side of the post. Select ‘edit post’ or ‘delete post’ 

a. For an edit, click share to update the changes. This will not change the post’s position in the feed.

They are saved in two places

  1. In your profile in settings
  2. In the list when you create a new post. If you have any drafts, “Drafts” will appear below ‘news’ that’s another way to access them.

Not yet, but that will certainly come with funding! As will the ability to write on photos and special foodie filters to help you get great shots.

  1. Click search icon on the bottom nav bar 
  2. Select a category button at the top: restaurants, recipes, news, people or #
  3. You can then either enter a keyword, or use the filters when provided 
  4. Always click ‘apply’ to get search results

Yes! At the top right corner of the Restaurant feed you’ll see it default to “Everywhere”. Click to select the city you’re interested in setting your feed to from the list. You can change it to others or back to Everywhere at any time.

Every restaurant in the feed is linked to its Google Places info. Just click the name of the restaurant from your feed. 

  1. You’ll see all users’ posts about that restaurant, starting with your network at the top, then all public posts to follow.
  2. At the top of this page is a button to “Get Restaurant Info”. This takes you to the restaurant’s Google Places info. Click on its name at the bottom of the map to bring up its website, menu, phone, reservations.
  1. Save posts directly from your feeds to scrapbook folders you’ve already created, so you can always find your food inspiration and content when you want it.

    1. Click the bookmark icon below the photo in the feed, bottom right side
    2. The scrapbooks you’ve created will appear. Select the one you want. Or save to ‘Not Yet Filed’ to move it to a new scrapbook later.
    3. Press ‘save’ button
    1. Click the bookmark icon second from right, bottom nav bar.
    2. Click on the scrapbook to see your filed posts
  1. Click on + Add New Scrapbook
  2. Type in a name
  3. Press check to save
  1. Click on Delete Scrapbook
  2. Type in a name
  3. Press check to save
  1. Press and hold the title
  2. Type in new name
  3. Press the check to save

Your Account

After you’ve downloaded Tasteland from the iOS App Store, select “Don’t have an account?  Sign up.” This is below the blue ‘sign in’ button.

  1. All fields with an * are required
  2. Invite or add friends to your network – you can do both from registration, or skip and add at any time. Remember, Tasteland is best with friends!
  3. Finish your profile

a. Add a profile picture so your friends know its you. This is optional.

b. Choose a privacy option – public or private – which you can change at any time.

You can do it during registration

  1. Find existing Tasteland friends with the top search bar
  2. Use the fields below to invite your friends to Tasteland, entering one email in each field. You can add as many emails as you like by clicking + at bottom

a. Allow Tasteland to access your contacts

b. Next button brings you to a customizable message that will be included in the email invitation to download.

You can also invite friends anytime from your profile page, under settings

  1. Choose Invite.

Yes. We never share or sell your personal information.

  1. Click on the three vertical dots on right-hand corner of the post and click ‘report post’
  2. You can also email us at info@tasteland.com
  1. In your profile, under settings, select ‘Privacy’
  2. Slide button to ‘make private’ or ‘make public’
  3. Save changes by clicking ‘save’ in upper right corner
  1. Click ‘forgot password’ once you open the app (this only occurs if you’re logged out)
  2. Check your inbox for the password recovery email.
  3. Copy the code from your email and paste it into the log in screen as your password.
  4. Immediately create a new password in your settings under privacy. Do it right away because that code is too long & complex to remember and hard to find again.

In your profile, under settings, select “privacy”

In your profile, in the ‘people’ icon next to the settings gear top right

We will send notifications when your friends like or comment on your post. 

  1. Go to settings (gear icon) on your iPhone
  2. Tap ‘notifications’ 
  3. Scroll down alphabetical ‘notification style’ list to Tasteland
  4. Toggle to right to ‘allow notifications’

Other Questions

Not yet but it’s on the horizon.  Get updates by signing up for our email list on www.tasteland.com

Please email info@tasteland.com. We’d love to hear from you because your questions/feedback help us improve.

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Questions? Please email us.

Questions? Please email us.



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